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Driver File Name vftp1io2.exe
Device Type Display and Video Graphics
Device Name Video driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 7500) for OS/2 - ThinkPad T30, T40, T41, T42 Drivers
File Desciption Video driver for (Mobility-RADEON 7500) for OS/2
Lenovo Document ID: DS002955
File MD5 87853385814f2c63fa80ec3d8f1df054 Drivers
File Sha256 c60f4c4629ce75f4e09e59a3b7bba6fd669c6acadbe7adf400bbae3d6d634c77 Drivers
File Sha1 18df5f23328542d100aa8dbc3c98adbbdf43c406 Drivers
File Size 5.94MB
Release Date 2004/6/3 0
Version 2.3.0
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