Understanding Firmware

Understanding Firmware and what is firmware

Have you heard the words  firmware and never really understand what they meant? Learn about these important components so that you keep your computer up-to-date.


Firmware is the programming that delivers specific instructions to the hardware that tells your computer how it should run. We sometimes add features or have updates that will improve how your PC functions. This “software for hardware” is called a firmware update. When you load a firmware update to your hardware, the basic code gets overwritten by new operating instructions.

Why do you need firmware updates? To keep your PC running smoothly. Here are tips on firmware updates:

Always double-check (and even triple-check!) that the model number of your device is compatible with the firmware update. The model is printed on the at the back of your PC or beneath the battery. Loading firmware instructions not meant for your specific model will damage it and make it useless – this is known as “bricking.”