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Driver File Name v5kyb04us17.exe
Device Type Mouse and Keyboard
Device Name USB Keyboard and Travel Keyboard with UltraNav driver for Windows Vista Drivers
File Desciption Think/Travel USB Keyboard with UltraNav TrackPoint/TouchPad driver for Windows Vista
Lenovo Document ID: DS004171
File MD5 e378472cb2698400a81fe2dcd2fc3918 Drivers
File Sha256 a417464d2fddfc7ace5484207a95ce0fbed2588d09bd3457df16a80c6d36834f Drivers
File Sha1 3590478b09f3b18d4ae9b692ecd1834f68843de0 Drivers
File Size 57.97MB
Release Date 2007/2/27
Version Version
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