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Driver File Name v1mie22us17.exe
Device Type Mouse and Keyboard
Device Name ScrollPoint III, Pro and optical mouse driver for Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Drivers
File Desciption ScrollPoint III/Pro/Optical mouse driver for Windows Vista
Lenovo Document ID: DS002176
File MD5 9104cbd7fb4f4d5a4fed864edc943a9a Drivers
File Sha256 2366c71e01e95455cc4f0a0bccef02a082ca647ff148cce479955ee101c79c7c Drivers
File Sha1 f44d105096476d23ecafd384db421f7312914599 Drivers
File Size 22997.12MB
Release Date 2010/5/7 0
Version 6.32
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