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Driver File Name cdtpgdos.exe
Device Type Optical Drive
Device Name CD-ROM driver for DOS and Windows 3.1 - ThinkPad Drivers
File Desciption (English) CD-ROM Driver for DOS and Windows 3.1
Lenovo Document ID: DS000897
File MD5 579ab730b89ededbdb9de92992b57549 Drivers
File Sha256 85b378f7449b0829d0c79a8a4f0a9725f9bc75c6f8633abab6640bbb14eb1b34 Drivers
File Sha1 78032e693564525672cdec3479ee44ea236c9606 Drivers
File Size 91.98 KB
Release Date 2007/8/28
Version 3.2
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