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IN12STW121WW5.exe driver file for lenovo free download

Driver File Name IN12STW121WW5.exe
Device Type Software and Utilities
Device Name Service Modify For EE for Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - IdeaPad Z575 Drivers
File Desciption Service Modify For EE
Lenovo Document ID: DS027318
File MD5 6cf180f64154a9e740f5e92ce6039139 Drivers
File Sha256 c75d1a3e28034ffeb116becc0c1213bdc590823f6d0df3ccfc830099b445b941 Drivers
File Sha1 4445b018c8c7be7889d4a07f0f46151f57773b38 Drivers
File Size 284 KB
Release Date 2011/6/27
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