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Driver File Name 80be01wf.exe
Device Type Operating System Installation and Update
Device Name Windows 7 Hotfix (KB2685811) for Windows 7 (64-bit) - Lenovo B70-80 Laptop Drivers
File Desciption Windows 7 Hotfix (KB2685811)
Lenovo Document ID: DS103204
File MD5 39ac5deb02f88544adf64d5fc88a3e83 Drivers
File Sha256 9dc15790bc016037e23a5a7bd1bcf4cf33d6062ead610f176f200151b77f459b Drivers
File Sha1 081a04a83fffb91cf576095477233053cb43bedf Drivers
File Size 49.2 MB
Release Date 2015/6/24
Version KB2685811-x64
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