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Driver File Name 1ywc54ww.exe
Device Type Networking: Wireless LAN
Device Name Intel PRO 2200bg and 2915abg Mini PCI adapter wireless software for Windows 2000, XP - ThinkPad R5*, T4*, X31, X32, X4*, Z60m Drivers
File Desciption Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG, 2915ABG Network Connection Software
Lenovo Document ID: DS013675
File MD5 4588d7ea808b58d1193f7a10693e7dc8 Drivers
File Sha256 c4efe7f1684dbf0c3fc7ba99fe8c53a5e7fb6b1aa56701fede60caeac41205d3 Drivers
File Sha1 703a8f012bad5597b9979fd87d9158291198ffc7 Drivers
File Size 18.65MB
Release Date 2006/3/9 0
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