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Driver File Name 0kto02w8.exe
Device Type Mouse and Keyboard
Device Name ALPS TouchPad Driver for Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Lenovo G360 Drivers
File Desciption ALPS TouchPad Driver
Lenovo Document ID: DS031168
File MD5 7fa14013237217c308a8d12877090c40 Drivers
File Sha256 fa9ceadfc14e544dad3a8bde6669c69160f6740402b64a0416fe498685f56c89 Drivers
File Sha1 624763864803efabbb6f161049fb2132f1fb0a20 Drivers
File Size 7.90MB
Release Date 2012/10/24
Version 8.0.1611.102/8.100.1611.102
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