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Driver File Name 0gc102w8.exe
Device Type Camera and Card Reader
Device Name UVC Camera Driver (Bison) for Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit) - IdeaPad U300s, U300e Drivers
File Desciption UVC Camera Driver (Bison)
Lenovo Document ID: DS031234
File MD5 d633788ca1e7da6d37aa9bd58c7d663b Drivers
File Sha256 8facf4c06a5ab7d2879383b79acb77c620abec69dd29eb8d80d1de260c603156 Drivers
File Sha1 8a1a70c392cbe44ed6104734de9b71c37181a4e6 Drivers
File Size 7.47MB
Release Date 2012/9/5 0
Version 1.12.703.1
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