How to Transfer Files between Lenovo Smartphone/Tablet and PC

How to Transfer Files between Lenovo Smartphone/Tablet and PC


There are many ways to transfer files from a lenovo phone, camera or other lenovo device to your Lenovo PC. From internal and external drivers to digital methods, preserve your precious memories on your system with these options.


Affected Configurations

The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • Lenovo, Idea laptops and desktops
  • ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation
  • Lenovo, idea tablets
  • Lenovo smartphones

Transfer Files between Lenovo Smartphone/Tablet and PC Method:

Lenovo SHAREit

The free Lenovo SHAREit app imports photos and files from different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android, onto your Windows 8.1 PC. Download the app to each device and set up an ID. Designate the device as the sender and the PC as the receiver. Photos will save directly onto the PC – not in the cloud – into a designated folder. SHAREit is fast, transferring photosfaster than a USB and Bluetooth, and can transfer entire folders. Go ahead and send that 10MB pic; there is no limit on the file size.

SHAREit works among smartphones, tablets and computers using the devices’ WiFi radio, which avoids network charges. (Note: If using an iOS device, it must be connected to the same WiFi network as the PC.) Learn more about Lenovo SHAREit and download the app here.

SD Card

Transfer files from a Secure Digital (SD) memory card through your computer’s digital media reader. If there’s no card port, you can connect an external card reader to a USB port. The system will read the card and open the image files to import.

Tip: Make sure not to put the computer in standby or hibernation mode before the data transfer is complete, or you risk losing the data.


Using your system’s USB ports is another option to transfer files. Plug in a USB drive to a compatible port, and the drive folder will open containing the images.

Tip: Make sure to wait for the transfer to complete before unplugging the drive.

Lenovo REACHit

REACHit allows you to manage all of your files, no matter where they are stored, inside one single app. Connect your Windows, Android, and iOS devices along with multiple cloud storage accounts for an easier and faster way to access your stuff when you need it.

So no matter how you import your files to your PC and where you decide to store them, access them all in one place with REACHit.